GEOL 1010 Introduction to Geology (3 credits) Introductory geology for majors and nonmajors.

GEOL 1040 Geology of Colorado (3 credits) Introductory geology for majors and nonmajors with an emphasis on the geological history of Colorado

GEOL 3120 Introduction to Structural Geology (4 credits) An upper level undergraduate course for Geological Sciences majors. Designed to introduce how and why rocks experience deformation and the basic principles of stress versus strain relationships. 

GEOL 2005 Introduction to Earth Materials (4-credits) Introduces classification, origins, and utilization of solid Earth materials.

GEOL 4725/5725 Field Analysis and Tectonics of Crystalline Rocks (2-credits)

GEOL 4120/5120 Advanced Structural Geology and Tectonics (3-credits)

GEOL 5703 Tectonics Seminar (1 credit) Covers a wide range of topics related to crust, mantle, and whole Earth tectonics, with focus on recent literature.

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