Our research primarily focuses on deep continental crust, specifically the physical and chemical processes associated with rock and mineral deformation. Generally, I can group much of my research efforts into the following themes: 1) understanding crustal processes through the study of exposed high-pressure granulite terranes and lower crustal xenoliths, 2) metamorphic & structural controls on rheology & crustal seismic anisotropy, and 3) accessory mineral petrogenesis & in situ geochronological techniques. Some more specific areas of active research are highlighted below.

Shear zones and rock rheology

Shear fracture in deep crustal mylonite, Canada

Proterozoic tectonics in the Western U.S.

Geologic map, northern Madison Range, Montana

Geological perspectives on seismic anisotropy

Bergell pluton sampling (top) and EBSD map and photo of gabbro mylonite (bottom)

Crustal structure and properties from xenoliths

Crustal profile w/xenoliths & seismic

Accessory mineral petrogenesis

Monazite in Colorado Plateau xenoliths

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