Current and past students

Graduate students

  • Michael Frothingham (PhD, 2018-present) – Linking lithology, structure, and rock properties to observed seismic anisotropy in Colorado Rocky Mountain crust
  • Phil Orlandini (PhD May 2019) – Evidence for deep crustal seismic rupture preserved in a granulite-facies intraplate strike-slip shear zone, northern Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Cailey Condit (PhD May 2017) – Exhumation of lower crust in southwestern Montana
  • Lesley Butcher (MSc Aug 2013) – Re-thinking the Laramide: Investigating the role of fluids in producing surface uplift using xenolith mineralogy and geochronology
  • Shannon Leslie (MSc Spr 2012) – Contrasts in sillimanite deformation in felsic tectonites from anhydrous granulite- and hydrous amphibolite-facies shear zones, western Canadian shield
  • Dustin Ward (MSc Dec 2011) – The relative influence of quartz and mica on crustal seismic anisotropy
  • Katy Barnhart (MSc Spr 2010) – Deep crustal xenoliths from the Great Falls Tectonic Zone, Montana: Investigating the timing and mechanisms of high-velocity lower crust formation

Undergraduate Students

  • Zulliet Gomez (2020 Undergraduate RESESS summer intern from SUNY-Oneonta) Newly digitized structural data from the southern Appalachians and comparisons to subsurface anisotropy from seismic stations
  • Makayla Mather (2020 Undergraduate RESESS summer intern from the University of North Dakota) Mapping the deformation patterns of the Greenville 1×2 degree quadrangle in the southern Appalachians surface in comparison to seismic anisotropy
  • Keneni Godana (2020, Undergraduate RESESS summer intern from the University of Chicago) Using monazite geochronology to constrain timing of deformation within the Hell Roaring Creek shear zone, SW Montana
  • Jae Bridges (2020 Undergraduate RESESS summer intern from Oregon State University) A petrochronological comparison of Neoarchean-Paleoproterozoic monazite from southwestern Montana
  • Corey Flynn (2018) – Contiguity of an exhumed orogenic crustal cross-section from monazite geochronology in high-grade quartzites in the Northern Madison Range, southwest Montana, USA
  • Jordan Wachholtz (2018, RESESS summer undergrad intern) – A voyage into central Colorado crust: Linking seismic anisotropy and surface geology
  • Kelly Curtis (Honors thesis, 2018) – Mineralogical investigations into synkinematic metasomatic alteration of granitoid rocks, southwestern Montana
  • Anissha Raju (Honors thesis, 2017) – Characterization of Elastic Tensors of Crustal Rocks with respect to Seismic Anisotropy
  • Kelly Brenner (2016) – Evolving microstructures associated with deep-crustal pseudotachylyte, western Canadian Shield
  • Corey Jarrett (2015) – Ultramafic tectonites in the northern Madison Range, southwest Montana
  • Diann Rattanasith (2014, RESESS summer intern) – Monazite occurrence and textures in the Big Thompson metamorphic suite, Front Range, Colorado
  • Chris Blade (2014) – Finite strain analysis across the margin of a kilometer-scale mid-crustal shear zone, southwest Montana
  • Diann Rattanasith (2013, RESESS summer intern) – Textural evolution and seismic anisotropy development: Example from sheared metagabbro, Gallatin Canyon, southwest Montana
  • Ann Leite (2012, Brazilian exchange student) – Kinematics of pseudotachylyte generation in a deep-crustal shear zone, northern Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Mario Guzman (2012) – Granulite-amphibolite transition during synkinematic hydrous retrogression of the Mary granite, Athabasca Granulite Terrane, northern Saskachtewan, Canada
  • Andrew Parker (2011) – Deformation fabric and petrologic contrasts across the Cheyenne Belt, Wyoming
  • Sophie Koprwoski (2010, English exchange student) – Alumino-silicate polymorph stability across the northern Madison Range, Montana

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